Why a hotel manager might love a cloud-based Property Management System (PMS) over an on-premise system?

Cloud-based means that you can log in, usually via a browser, to an app managed for you. On-premise is software that you would need to install on your local PC. Why would you choose one, and what are the benefits?

Save Money

With a cloud-based PMS, hotels don't have to spend big bucks upfront on hardware and software. They can pay a regular fee, like a subscription, which is often more budget-friendly.

Easy Growth

Cloud PMS makes it simple for hotels to expand or shrink their operations as needed. The system can adjust without any hassle, whether they're growing or downsizing.

Stay Connected Anywhere

Imagine managing hotel tasks from anywhere you have the internet! With a cloud PMS, hotel staff can handle reservations, guest info, and more on-the-go, even from a cozy spot with Wi-Fi.

No More Worries About Updates

Cloud PMS providers take care of updates and maintenance, so hotels always have the latest features and security patches without lifting a finger.

Keep Data Safe

Trustworthy cloud PMS providers put a high priority on security, keeping guest data protected with solid measures like encryption and backups.

Disaster? No Sweat

Cloud PMS has your back with robust disaster recovery and data backup plans, so you can rest easy even when things go wrong.


Cloud-based PMS often brings a lot of convenience, efficiency, and savings to the table. It's like having a helpful, tech-savvy buddy always there for you.

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Not choosing a cloud-based Property Management System (PMS) can lead to higher upfront costs, lack of scalability, reduced accessibility, and potential security vulnerabilities for hotel managers. The absence of automatic updates, easy integrations, and disaster recovery plans might result in operational complexities and risks. Without reliable technical support, troubleshooting issues could become time-consuming. Embracing a cloud-based PMS offers cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and convenience, contributing to a more efficient and secure hotel management approach.